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Hoy guys,

I think it's my last journal for months, but that's good news. I'll certainly be able to buy my computer on my own, but i've to deal with my ankle, so i'll be really tired, but i'm happy to be able to finally make somethin' of my life. In the end, i've finally a door to rise.

Love on you,
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02/04 :: I take a big big big break on this, 'caus i was going to be crazy, my deadly computer is still alive. I'm happy for that. I try to have to job, searching for something not to sportiv, 'caus i can't. I hope i'll have something. I'm still at 1/4 of the total money for the new computer. Hell.. I hope my art will be better and i'll have no more problems with my materials for months, my bf have no more a computer able to make him play, so i'm in a better situation than him. I would love to win 1800 € at a money game like that, magical, u see x) ! Yeah, i can dream :') 

Well, all of that to say, i don't give up, and i continue to work !

Hey guys, how are you ?

I think, i needed to make a new and clean journal. Well, i'm on a dead computer, i'm doing some crazy things to make it work, i don't know how much time he will be able to stay with me, but i keep up.

First i'll give you my comishes prices.
.:: Comish prices : OPEN ::. by Phenixisart
If u don't understand something please note me !

After, my adops open :

.:: Monster Adopt Auction #1 [ OPEN ] ::. by Phenixisart  .:: Adopt Batch 2 : OPEN 50 % off ::. by Phenixisart  .:: CloudTiger Adopt [ OPEN ] ::. by Phenixisart  .:: Adopt Batch 0 ::. [ OPEN 4/4 ] by Phenixisart  .:: Adopt Batch Mixed 1 : OPEN ::. by Phenixisart  .:: Old Chara : Auction #1 [OPEN 1/3 SB OFF]  ::. by Phenixisart   .:: Lantern Tail flat sale  [ OPEN ]::. by Phenixisart  .:: Demon wolf adopt open ::. by Phenixisart  .:: Sea god design for sale [OPEN] ::. by Phenixisart  .:: Fox Furry FlatSale [ OPEN  SALE OFF ] ::. by Phenixisart  .:: Siwina Adopt Auction [ OPEN ] SB OFF ::. by Phenixisart  .:: OTA : Jugement ::. by Phenixisart  .:: SB 1e Auction Doggo [ OPEN ] ::. by Phenixisart 

Third, my YCH open ~ !
.:: YCH : Dragon ::. by Phenixisart  .:: Your Character Here 1 ::. by Phenixisart 

Last thing about things to buy, look at my characters and note me if one of them grab your eyes. I would probably be able to sell some of them. But care, i'm really, really picky with some characters.

So, why i'm saying emergency if my computer is actually working ?

Because this computer have actually 4 years and i used him A LOT, the keyboard have keys who are going away, my USB port are freakin' me out ( i should put my mouse or my tablet in a correct way and don't MOVE of any millimeter. ) My Network card coming now in the problem, my connexion is shutting down on my computer ( And only him ) and btw i'm a connected to the box with cable. Well, last thing, my screen is doing rainbow lines at start. Like. A rainbow screen, sounds cool.. But that's not :') I hope this old babe will be able to stay with me until i've my new and dream one.

Why did i have no job / don't ask family ?

'Cause it's not like that it work ? Maybe, i'm not like, welp, mummy buy me this computer pls, my B-day is in three months, no, i'm not goin' to ask that, caus' i know i can't, my mum would love to help, she don't like to see me like that. 'Caus drawin' is everything i love, everything i'm good too. With my problem on my leg, i can't go out run toward each company and say " Hello please take me i'm motivated ". Motivation isn't the only parameter to have a job, if it was that easy i would certainly have bought my new computer months ago OAO !

Why don't i take a cheaper computer if i can't buy the one i want now ?

Well, what the interest of doin' that ? I wont buy 10 computer in a year.. And i wont take a computer who wont be able to make my device work. Not useful at all, i prefer tryhard the one i want and buy only one instead of 2 or 3 or more.

Why don't u show ur goal anymore ?

I think i don't need to show the computer i want anymore caus' it can affraid ppl and btw, that's boring to have " Buy a cheaper one " I make my choice and that's it.

There's no problem if u can't donate ! Just share this journal ♥

Thank you for your support !
  • Listening to: Shape of You
  • Reading: The BBA
  • Watching: Videos
  • Playing: I can't play q________q
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Sodastream ♥



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Hi guys !
I am a girl and i've 18 years old ! I'm a varied artist but mostly a digital artist and i wish to work in videogames !

I use Paint Tool Sai, Photoshop CC and a Wacom Intuos Draw tablet !

Enjoy !

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Art status
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Kiriban > 5k [ note me with proof ]


I would love to rename myself with my new user name, hope i'll be able to have money soon ♥
Hell... Kids and trolls are boring me. It's gonna freakin' me OUT. OMFG. Kill me.
I feel like a workin' commercial machine who don't sell anything and like i'm slowly loosing my art soul. Hell, u don't know how much my pear draw for the april fools makes me calm down and happy.
Well, i can have my computer for 478 € ( the same one i was lookin' for. ) But it ends at the end of the week-end q_q I'll try to buy it with a payment plan.  
I dunno how to say that... But, for this, it's the end.. My computer is dead, i can't do nothin' more than open skype and chrome. Nothing else or it stop workin'. Black screen, stop sound, just a mouse on a full black screen.
I'm crying so hard, i should give up for my dreams caus' my computer have said " Stop. " And my doctor doesn't helped me, i can't have fuckin' job because i've no proof for my ankle pain, and he don't care about that, no medicine, 0 writted things.. I feel so low and so bad. I don't want to did anything anymore, i'm like a zombie. If i didn't felt a year ago, i would be able to have a job for a moment now, and certainly have my baccalaureate. I'm so clumsy. One year of pain and it continue. And what a march problem on problem.. I dream about waking up with no pain, be able to run and walk again like before. That's my only dream at this hour.
I'm victim of harassment on the website where i try to sell my pokemon card collection who's " big " and i don't know what to do >-<"
I know something " cool " the promotion of my computer end in june. That's cool.
My bank have refused categorically my ask. So i'm not able to buy my computer. I was so happy, now i feel so low and stupid. I'm always goin' so far and take the wall in the face. I feel so pathetic at this moment.
Erf... Finally, i'll probably not be able to buy my computer... I'll i think. I was so happy to be able to order it.. Well... Let's see in 11 hours. But my determination is running away from me. I'm so scared. If he said nope, no new computer, come back to start.

285 / 799 €..
Driver update make my mouse and my tablet work again ! And MAYBE i'll order my computer next week, i'm sooooooooo happy. I can't wait 'til that !
Good news, i'm going to change my plans and take a laptop with a i5 instead of a i7, it'll be less expansiv ! I'll be able to reach the goal faster ; u ;
Maybe i'll be able to draw with a little computer. I've fix computer who don't work well, but maybe my brother will be able to fix the probs and made me able to work for my new computer... If he come... *sigh* I feel so blocked... I'm selling my most favorite characters.. I can't believe that i'm doing that. I'll try to make the selling template for Sakkaku ( Sakkaku - The night is.. So cold.. by Phenixisart ) and Raigen ( Raigen by Phenixisart ) with my pad soon. I hope my computer wont run down complety.. I can write and watch videos, listen music.. But for how many days.. ?

Ah, we're at 1/4 of the money i need, thank you so much, thank you a lot for you support, for the spread of the word, i'm really scared to don't be able to live from my art just because i got break at start... I need to hurry before the computer goes up again, i've to don't give up. I'm drawing the statue prototype for my two bigs tips. I've got one, here :…

I'm happy with the way it turn but feel sad caus' i can't draw with my tablet for the drake bottle..
Feel free to talk with me, note me, we can maybe be friends, don't be scared to comment ♥
It's the end... FInally i wont reach my goal... My tablet is connected.. No more detected. I'm crying, i'm crying so much. Why everything is going wrong..
It's freaking me out. People are noting me to have money - points... Those people are a lot to note me... Did u have the same thing ?
Trying to stream ! Tell if it work ♥

EDIT : My computer is too bad... Erf...
I dunno, i'm maybe too sensitiv. But i hate when ppl laught at me with no reason... I've some bad memories who suddendly come to my head and i'm crying again.. Heh... That's weird, i'm feeling so bad...
It's me or i have a watcher who hate me ? ; _ ;

Please explain why i can't live from my art :c !

I'm crying and i can't stop. So i wont be able to buy my new computer ?


Phenixisart has started a donation pool!
225 / 4,000
Hi guys !

Feel free to donate, u can did it here ! I give u all my thanks, love on u dear friends ♥

The points in this donation will be used for a core membership !

Enjoy ♥

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